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In the afternoon, at approximately 13:30 hrs. we pick the hotel to do a city tour in the majestic city of Cusco, which includes a visit to the:

Temple of Koricancha

Also known as "Temple of the Sun" its architecture and perfect stone constructions show that during the empire of the Incas was the most important temple, then observe the Cathedral in the main square.
Afterwards we drive out of town where we visit the 4 ruins:

Fortress of Sacsayhuaman

Strategically built on a hill from where you can see the entire city of Cusco. It is famous for its enormous carved stones, and that in this place is held every year the festival of Inti Raymi.


Archaeological complex that had a religious function, in this place you can see a semicircular amphitheater with trapezoidal niches and a small altar where it is believed that the Incas mummified their dead.


A temple dedicated to the worship of water where the Inca could rest, until today can appreciate their water sources.

Puca Pucara 

Means Red Fort, is believed to be a military construction and formed part of the defense system of Cusco.
After having completed our city tour return to the city of Cusco at 18:30 hrs.approximately. 


  • Tour of service chosen.
  • Pick up and return to their respective accommodation.
  • Guided in Spanish or English with an official guide.
  • Comfortable and modern tourist transport.
  • Personalized attention during the tour.

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